“It is the mission of Sunbird Networks to endow the corporate sector with competent and quality products”


Sunbird networks – Biometric Solutions


Hot hi-techs at your finger tips

With assurance in team work, Sunbird entered the novel venture of flourishing the performance of enterprises by equipping it with highly defined biometric solutions. The work management of the corporate sphere is simplified by employing the products of biometric solution cropped by Sunbird Networks. Facial, figure print, and digital time attendance and access control systems are the limelight of our product lineup assisting to empower the business sphere.


Sunbird networks – Fiber Optic Products


Ease your pang

The fiber optic products of Sunbird Networks ease the inflexibility in the workflow within the corporate system. The wide range of fiber optic products with us, improvise and propel the rigidity of work. This will hike the productivity of the corporate sector. Fiber optic products are available in all modes suiting your convenience. This has put us in a comfort zone in setting a corporate segment with all conveniences.